Model Set 2

About this Aquadecor set

This set contains 5 non-floating bottom rocks and one hollow log with tree bark. This log is perfect for species which need hiding spots and darker areas, as they can swim in and out of the log. These products don’t have to be soaked or siliconed to the tank, they don’t float and can be moved around as you wish. The rocks are made in light and dark grey tones, while the log is made in dark brown tones with some warmer accents. If you would like to order this set in different colors, make sure to leave us a note below.
The approximate sizes of the rocks in this set are: HxWxD: 10x20x18 cm; 17x18x13 cm; 19x29x20 cm; 8x21x9 cm; 18x26x20 cm.
The size of the log is 80 cm long, around 10-12 cm wide.

$564.00 inc. GST

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