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The Most Realistic 3D Aquarium Backgrounds & Decorations

A simple and effective way to recreate a natural habitat in your fish tank.

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Are you looking for a Rocky 3D Background To decorate your fish tank?

Deep caves, natural looking cracks and numerous hiding spots make A and C models perfect for Malawi and Tanganyika fish tanks. Entirely handmade, safe for all species and easy to install.

A models

Classic Rocky Models

Our first and best selling collection. Ideal for Tanganyika and Malawi cichlids.

A Slim Models

Thin Rocky Backgrounds

Slim version of our A models, for all Malawi and Tanganyika setups.

C Models

Massive Rocky Backgrounds

Made for large, mega aquariums with a width that exceeds 60 cm (23 inches). 

Or perhaps a way to bring the Amazon into your home?

With E and B models you can easily create a perfect Amazonian setup in your fish tank. 3D Aquarium backgrounds designed for Discus fish and other Amazonian species.

Save space and install a Slim 3D fish tank background

A perfect solution for hiding the equipment. They are ready to be used right away since they don`t need to be siliconed. SOON IN ALL STANDARD DIMENSIONS!

G MODELS - SLIM ROCKY MODELS 3d backgrounds for aquariums aquadecor decorations for fish tank
G Models

Slim Rocky Backgrounds

They don’t take much space, so that your Malawi and Tanganyika can stand out.

E models

Slim Amazonian Backgrounds

Great for Discus fish, other American cichlids, or any species found in the Amazonian habitat.

N Models

Massive 3D Slim Backgrounds

Extreme durability and a lifetime warranty make them one of the most appealing models for customers.

Real or not? No one will be able to tell the difference!

Do you want to skip a long process of cleaning, soaking and disinfecting real rocks and wood? Our additional items are ready to use without any preparation, and completely safe and neutral for all environments. Carefully molded and hand painted to charm everyone, from visitors to residents.

Starter setups - get a private resort for your Fish in a matter of minutes

Buy an instant piece of nature for your tank ready for a quick setup.

Why choose Aquadecor?

A large collection of custom 3D aquarium backgrounds, artificial rocks and wood decorations. Only nature can copy us! Aquascapers since 2004!

High Quality & Eco Friendly

Safe for environment, made from materials that are 100% safe for animals, humans and plants.

Up to a lifetime warranty

We guarantee a long lasting product life, from 5 years to a lifetime. Contact us for any additional information.

Worldwide shipping

Wherever you are, we will ship to you. Check out more information about our delivery times on our shipping policy.

A Simple & Quick setup

Recreating nature with Aquadecor products decorations is simple and enjoyable process

Standard & Custom

We are always inspired to create new designs for you, in standard and custom sizes.


We have designed over 1.000 models, & shipped over 50.000 products in the past 18 years.

Do You Want a custom sized 3D Aquarium Background?

Just go to our price calculator and see the prices for your desired measurements.

3d aquarium background for fish tanks
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