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Aquadecor, as the first and only producer of original aquarium backgrounds and fish tanks of this type on the market, presents a series of unique 3D backgrounds for your aquariums and terrariums which is divided into eight groups! The newest technology and top quality equipment and materials used by Aquadecor provide the outstanding quality of the backgrounds on the market.  Aquadecor aquariums and fish tank backgrounds are created to resemble some of the most beautiful and rarest kinds of rocks, stones, and habitats that we can find in nature.

Aquadecor aquariums and backgrounds are created by the originator of 3D aquarium backgrounds in our country. This is Mr. Florian Kovac, an innovator, artist, creator, and the main designer. Working hard and aiming at the highest possible quality, he has continuously been developing new techniques since 2004 in order to satisfy his own high standards and his customers’ wishes.


Due to the mentioned experience, knowledge, hard work, creativity and innovative products, Aquadecor aquarium backgrounds have become a unique brand and symbol of quality. This claim is supported by a number of successful projects that we significantly contributed to. The aquariums with Aquadecor backgrounds decorated the house of the Serbian Big Brother VIP in 2008. Also, these backgrounds decorated the aquariums in the home of the characters in Linden Street TV show.


The highest quality of production has made Aquadecor aquariums and 3D fish tank backgrounds the greatest hit in aquascaping. Mr. Kovac has gained the reputation of a specialist in the field of aqua design through his ability to create backgrounds which closely resemble the natural habitat for all kinds of cichlids and other freshwater fish regardless of the part of the planet they originate from.

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