Very Important Notice

Respected customers, after a careful consideration, we decided to make a public announcement regarding our brand and business.

It is not a novelty that there are those who copy other people’s work and steal a brand’s name and identity. We believe it is a compliment that some are doing the same with our brand and content – photos and even texts from our website. However, since we genuinely care about our customers and provide nothing but the highest quality, we are obliged to warn you to be very careful when buying aquarium backgrounds online.

Some of our customers informed us that there is a website using our name, logo and some other details, claiming to be the “real” one. We assure you that our backgrounds are the realest ones, since every single piece is built with our hands, and designed to comply with your specifications, as you already know.

We will protect our content, but that usually takes time, and this announcement is published with an honest intention to save your time and money in advance.

Please find additional info on Our Story page.

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